Boot Road Veterinary Clinic

Picture of boxer puppy

Our Patients

Dogs and Cats

These are the two most common species seen in small animal veterinary practice and they comprise approximately 50% of our caseload. Dr Bob has owned several of these throughout his life, and is very competent with their medical care and handling. He currently owns three wonderful dogs. Dr. Bob and his dog Eddie are also members of the Tail Blazers Canine Agility Club.


Pet rabbits are frequent patients at boot road veterinary clinic for both routine and urgent care. Dr. Bob has worked with this species since childhood, and he has an extensive understanding of their special needs. We provide safe and rabbit friendly handling for your pet, and care counseling for novice owners. Dr. Bob is also very competent in rabbit surgeries and procedures such as Spay, neuter, and dental work. Isoflourane aesthesia, proper premedication, pain control, and special supportive care are used in these sensitive patients.

Caged Birds

On your first visit, you will see that we have a deep commitment to excellent pet bird healthcare. Our clinic Mascot and Amazon parrot, Fred, will not hesitate to greet the new visitor. Dr. Bob has cared for Birds for the last 35 years and they are some of his favorite patients. Aside from Fred, Dr. Bob breeds parakeets, fancy domestic pigeons, and miniature ducks. We provide care for not only cage birds, but also domestic pigeons and backyard poultry such as chickens, ducks, geese, peafowl, and gamebirds. There is even a safe outdoor pen for convalescing poultry and waterfowl. As always, the highest standards of handling and medical care are provided for these special animals.

Guinea Pigs Rats Hamsters and other small rodents

These amazing creatures have become very popular as companions in our modern times. The ease with which they can be catered to makes them very attractive as pets for many people. At Boot Road Veterinary Clinic, we respect and maintain this special bond by providing modern comprehensive medical care for these companions. Dr. Bob has owned several of these animals and was a guinea pig breeder during his first years in practice. As with the rabbits and birds, handling and medical care is specifically tailored for the safety and comfort of your companion.